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Have you ever heard the singing of a toucan?  Have you ever seen footprints of a tapir or deer? How about being able to watch alive, and in complete freedom, one of the most impressive felines in the world?  Yes. You can still experience a wonderful contact with nature and some of its endangered species…
This site, whose modern name means “two adjacent pyramids”, was discovered in 1931. During the Classic Period of the Mayas it was a regional capital of the Snake Head or Snake Kingdom and the foremost rival of Tikal, Guatemala. Its spacious plazas are framed by stepped platforms, stelae with inscriptions, a pair of residential units,…
SUMIDERO CANYON Boats offering river trips along the Canyon maybe found at the riverside. This boat ride takes us to what is surely one of the most spectacular landscapes in Mexico. The Canyon forms part of the Chiapas coat-of-arms in honor of the legendary battle between Spaniards and Chiapanecos, when the Indians preferred to leap…

Visit Chiapas and the Mayan World with the best tour packages and tours in the market.

Visit Chiapas and the Mayan World with the best tour packages and tours in the market. We take into account the details so your trip to Chiapas and Mayan World will be pleasant, without hurry, with excellent services of lodging and ground transportation.

Our trained and specialized tourism staff will make an important difference in your trip, package or tour. With Senda Maya you can travel to Chiapas and the Mayan World at an affordable price.

With us you will enjoy an extraordinary trip to Chiapas or Mundo Maya. Senda Maya has offices in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and in San Cristóbal de las Casas. You are sure that a company from Chiapas will attend you and you will have personalized attention during your trip. This, in addition to the quality of the service and the warmth of our collaborators, will make your visit to Chiapas and the Mundo Maya a special and memorable experience.

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