Surely you already have a date for your trip. You have ready the plane tickets, booked the package, you know in which hotels or eco tourist centers you will stay but, as usual, the night before you prepare the suitcase for that great trip. Do not forget something? Below we give you a list of travel tips that will help you, so when you are in the Mayan World you dedicate yourself to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

  • In your trip to Chiapas & Mayan World,  pack comfortable clothes and footwear for walking. Jeans, tennis, t-shirts and shorts will be very comfortable for most visitors. It is not recommended to wear high heal shoes or sandals in archaeological zones.
  • Pack clothes for hot weather because the Mayan World places are humid and warm most of the year.
  • Do not forget to pack a sweater, jacket and / or windbreaker if you are travelling to San Cristóbal de las Casas and surrounding areas because the weather in this area is cool, especially at night and in winter.
  • Bring a hat or cap. You can also include sunscreen in your luggage, but we recommend to bring an organic one to protect the environment.
  • If you visit Chiflón, Agua Azul or Misol Ha Waterfalls, although you might not have the idea to swim, you might get wet with the breeze or simply won’t resist to take a dip.  Our Travel Tip: We suggest you to bring swimsuit, a personal towel and carry dry clothes in these visits.  In some other places, such as Sian Kaan, Tulum, Celestun & Bacalar you must definitely go prepared to take a swim to enjoy the best.
  • You can bring your cell phone because in the Mayan Route there is a signal from the main cellular carriers. Our Travel Tip: Do not forget the charger and remember that in some parts of the jungle and Natural Reserve Zones there is no coverage but this will allow you to be more attentive to what happens in the trees and rivers.
  • Some establishments do not accept credit cards so do not forget to bring cash for minor expenses such as purchase of handicrafts, expenses in eco tourist centers and some food.
  • Do not forget camera or video to capture beautiful memories of your trip. Our Travel Tip: To use camcorders in archaeological zones you will have to cover an additional charge of approximately 5.00 USD but if you bring a smartphone with video you will not have any problem. IMPORTANT: In the churches of San Juan Chamula and Zinacantán you will NOT be able to take photographs or video because it is offensive to the inhabitants of these communities due to their beliefs.
  • Although a representative of Senda Maya will be with you during your trip to Chiapas & Mayan World, it is good to have a telephone at hand in case of unforeseen circumstances during the trip. Please take note Office Tel: 961-671-8394 / Mobile: 961-215-9951

Travel Tips:

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