Have you ever heard the singing of a toucan? 

Have you ever seen footprints of a tapir or deer?

How about being able to watch alive, and in complete freedom, one of the most impressive felines in the world? 


Yes. You can still experience a wonderful contact with nature and some of its endangered species such as jaguars, tapirs and toucans. 

All of this in a very special place where the jungle domains the landscape: Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.

For visitors it is spectacular to go into the jungle trails to watch some of the species that live there, and to listen to different sounds in the jungle.

Climb a colossal pyramid of the archaeological mayan zone of Calakamul and discover that at the top there is a second pyramid will settle anyone’s will to take a sit and admire the wild landscape in the middle of the jungle. 

The country’s second largest protected natural area (723,185 ha/1.78 million acres) and Mexico´s largest tropical forest reserve.

It has around eighty-six mammal species, close to 338 species of birds, 18 amphibian and 75 reptile species. 

But there is more. In Calakmul Biosphere Reserve also live 5 of 6 the main species of Mexico’s felines: leoncillo, tirgrillo, ocelote, puma & jaguar.

As the largest tropical forest reserve in Mexico, it displays a combination of tall, evergreen, medium-height semi-deciduous, and seasonally floodable low deciduous forests, it is believed there are about 1,500 plant species at Calakmul.

Now that you know. What are you waiting to visit Calakmul?

Note:  Since it is a protected area please beware of travelling with authorized travel suppliers and to take care of this heritage of humanity.

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