What makes the difference when you travel to Mexico with us:

1. Our vehicles are exclusively for tourist and executive use. (They are not  used for commercial routes)

2. Our vehicles are of recent models, have preventive maintenance and meet the special tourism requirements.

3. Qualified operational staff specialized in tourism services will make your travel to Mexico memorable.

4. Senda Maya is a tour operator in Chiapas that will give you personalized attention before and during your trip to Mexico.

5. The travel schedules are planned in such a way that you have enough time to enjoy each place you visit.

6. All the visits or excursions to Chiapas and the Mayan World are guided by a van driver, local guide or certified guide.

7. We can plan your trip to Mexico starting from 2 persons and up to 49 persons in individual or private groups.

8. We are a regional tour operator specialized in the area.

9. When you travel to Mexico with Senda Maya you are contributing to the environment through the El Triunfo Conservation Fund. El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is the last cloud forest in Mexico.

Senda Maya Transportation Division

  1. The transport division of Senda Maya has a fleet of vans from recent models such as Toyota Hiace,  Mercedes Benz Sprinter & VW Crafter.
  2. These vehicles have a capacity of 9 and up to 19 passengers and are used in our group circuits, events and / or private trips offered to our customers.
  3. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, seat belts, reclining seats, audio and video system, as well as a cooler and a trash can.
  4. For the safety of the passengers, preventive maintenance and review of security points are made every 10,000 kilometers.
  5. We also have civil liability insurance for passengers that covers medical expenses in case of an accident. 
  6. When the needs of our passengers require so, Senda Maya can lease vehicles with other capabilities and features such as buses, always meeting the minimum requirements that the company determines for the safety and comfort its customers.

Now you know that when you travel to Mexico with Senda Maya you have security and comfort guarantee.

We are waiting for you in Chiapas and the Mayan World.

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