Places to visit in Chiapas: SUMIDERO CANYON

Boats offering river trips along the Canyon maybe found at the riverside.

This boat ride takes us to what is surely one of the most spectacular landscapes in Mexico.

The Canyon forms part of the Chiapas coat-of-arms in honor of the legendary battle between Spaniards and Chiapanecos, when the Indians preferred to leap into its depths before submitting to the invaders.

A trip along de Canyon requires a sharp sense of observation, since not only does its interest reside in its geological formation, but also includes fauna and flora.

Viewed from a geological perspective, the canyon consist of a series of depressions, which have gradually been eroded by the flowing waters.

It would seem that the present formation of the canyon began at least twelve million years ago.

In addition, it is possible to view the sedimentary strata forming its walls, together with caverns and the waterfalls, which have sculpted its formations by dissolving the limestone rock.

Most of the waterfalls are temporary and include exceptional falls such as the so-called “Christmas Tree”.

The Sumidero Canyon is considered as one of the most spectacular places to visit in Chiapas, beautiful features can be appreciated along them, such as “Cueva de Colores” (Cave of Colors).

Big and little surprises await you at every turn in the Sumidero Canyon. It is the perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors. Visit Mexico!


You can visit the Sumidero Canyon on any of our tours.

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