The Best Mayan Culture Site: CHIAPA DE CORZO

On of the main tourist attractions in Chiapas is the Magical Town Chiapa de Corzo. Is one of the most beautiful towns in Chiapas. A historic City lying on the right-hand bank of the Grijalva River. Chiapa de Corzo is situated 14 kilometers from Tuxtla. The town has one of the main docks along this waterway. The town is laid out in Spanish style, centered on a very large plaza. Those are things that make it one of the best places to visit in Chiapas.

This plaza has a number of important features. The largest and best known is the La Pila fountain. This was constructed in 1562 in Mudejar style, made of brick in the form of a diamond. It measures fifty two meters in circumference and twelve meters in height. It has eight arches and a cylindrical tower which occasionally functioned as a watchtower. Another important feature is the La Pochota kapok tree. The last feature is a clock tower which was constructed in the 1950’s.

The town’s main structures are centered on this plaza, including the municipal palace and the former home of Liberal governor Angel Albino Corzo, for whom the town is partially named. 

The Santo Domingo Church and former monastery is the largest structure in the town, and an other tourist attractions in Chiapas. The structure was built in the second half of the 16th century. The church is one of the best preserved from the 16th century in Chiapas. To the side of the Santo Domingo Church is the former Dominican monastery. This structure has been restored to house exhibition halls, including those associated with the Lacqer Museum.

The most important craft in the municipality is the working of wood, often with these pieces glazed in lacquer. One item is the masks used for traditional dances such as Parachicos. Another is the popular musical instrument the marimba.

” La Fiesta Grande de Enero”

The “Fiesta Grande de Enero” (Great January Feast) takes place from 4 to 23 January every year in Chiapa de Corzo, to honor local patron saints Our Lord of Esquipulas, Anthony the Great and Saint Sebastian. This festival is very important for the people of Chiapa de Corzo.

Accompanying the Parachicos or dancing on their own is another type of dancer called “chuntas”. These are men dressed as women as the word chunta means maid or servant. These figures represent the “servants” of Doña María. .

On the 21 of January a naval battle takes place on the Grijalva River, which consists of a spectacle using thousands of fireworks. the battle is a recreation of the Battle of Puerto Arturo which occurred on 21 January 1906.

Chiapa the Corzo is one of the best places to visit in Chiapas, in our tour:

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 you can visit this Magical Town.

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